Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Exhibition to Open

Today we are hanging the paintings at Chorak. Here are all my paintings.
I am not expecting to hang all of them. I won't know what will go up until I am there.

2010 Paintings
 Left to Right: Blue Green (16 x16), Blue Black (16 x16), Thin Black Line (10 x10)

Midnight Series
Left to Right: Midnight Wood (16 x16), Midsummer Night (16 x16), Midnight Silver Green (12 x12),
Midnight Silver Black (12 x12), Midnight Green (10 x10), Midnight Black (10 x10)

Revive Series
Left to Right: Revive(Golden Green), Revive(Golden), Revive(White Silver), Revive(Leaf Green),
Revive(Green Black) all are 16 x16.

Sky Blue Pink 16x16

Left to Right: In the Wood, High Summer  both 24 x 36

                                                                                        all measurements in inches

Those of you with eagle eyes will notice that I have made slight changes to
Midsummer Night and Sky Blue Pink

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