Monday, 25 November 2013

Peckham Space 2013

I am exhibiting in an exhibition at Peckham Space. Here is my painting:

tiger tiger burning bright
H 30cm x W 41cm
(H12" x W16")
acrylic on canvas

This painting is an interpretation of William Blake's poem 'Tyger! Tyger! burning bright'. The poem has an insistent automated rhythm and describes the process of creation in terms of manufacture. Its about the industrial revolution in the UK. Reading the poem I see the dark side of capitalism and the relentless pursuit of profit and growth. And to what end?

The zig zag horizontal lines and the tiger shaped band that run across the canvas come from the outline of signature graffiti. I have been looking at street art. The tiger is stylized, elongated and angular representing industrial strength and referencing the sharp angles of cubism and dynamic vortism.  

On the left the vertical black and orange stripes represent industrial hazard markings and tiger's stripes. The small yellow circle is the moon in the 'forests of the night' whilst the larger red circle on the right refers to the emergence of China as an economic superpower.The zig zag vertical lines running across the canvas are suggestive of the lines on profit and loss charts and the constant beat of heartless capitalism.

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