Monday, 12 May 2014

Dulwich Festival 2014

I am exhibiting at Dulwich Festival. Those of you based in London will have received an invite to the exhibition and private view.

here are some of the paintings:


It is unusual for me to paint using green as it is my least favourite colour. Mondrian didn't like green either. The shapes have a cartoon playfulness.



I have created spatial depth using strong zig zag lines. The viewer's eye is drawn into the depths.

Sky Blue Thinking

.....different sort of space in this one ..... the starting point was street style lettering

and it all came together

Painting is like a puzzle and for a painting to work sections have to slot together. There is a sense of resolution and completion.

In this title I am referring to the experience of painting. It has been suggested to me that I could have called this 'Heartbeat' with to the purple zig zag.

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